weekend reading

Your eyes are not deceiving you. This is in fact a new post! I didn't mean to neglect this space for nearly a month, but you know, life and things. I come bearing links!

You know that Starbucks pink drink? I never tried it but it does look gorgeous. I was happy to find this recipe for one that is sure to be delicious and I happen to have everything needed for it on hand! 

Let's talk about 2 of my favorite things- rosé and illustration. These three cards capture my love for both! 

Knitting and espionage?! Sign me up. 

How cool is this cross stitch pattern maker?! This one is cool too. 

Over the last several weeks I was watching The Handmaid's Tale and it got me thinking a lot. I know others have been thinking a lot about it as well and I was happy to see it making its way into art

The last time I wrote, I said I was reading Cork Dork. I ended up flying through the book, loving it, and started watching some wine-themed documentaries. I have been trying some good wines and I'm trying to keep a list of ones I've really liked. I really enjoy pinot noir and this one and this one are definitely on my list of faves! 

My birthday was this week and I am super excited because on Saturday I'm going to have a shibori birthday party! I bought tons of bandanas, an indigo dye kit, and some fun shapes for designs, and invited some friends to come hang out and dye to our hearts content. 

You Should've Asked. I know this made its rounds on the web a while back, but I thought it was so, so good. 

Quilting Wars. Gonna give this story a listen today. 

I saw this dress at Anthro a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it...I convinced myself not to get it though because I'm pretty sure I have a sewing pattern that is basically the same thing! 

Super excited that I scored one of these gold Lord Huron records this week! 

Did you know that Mister Rogers' mother knit all of his sweaters for the show?! Amazing. 

My book club met last week and we have a new book selection for July: The Hate U Give. I've heard such great things about this one so I am super excited to read it. 

I have plenty more links where those came from, but I'm gonna hold onto them for next week! Have a great weekend!