oh hello

hi there.

i thought i’d check in to this little corner of the internet to give a quick update.

first- i have an actual domain name for this little blog now! knotstitch.com. yes, this blog is called knot + stitch. yes, knotandstitch.com was taken. yes, the person who is sitting on it is charging $1000 for it. so. knotstitch.com it is. it’s fine. we’re fine.

second- hello and how are you? i’m hoping to post to this space a little more in 2019. we’ll see how that goes. i do have some links saved up, so we’ll at least get a weekend reading soon.

third- a little injury update. i am no longer testing positive for tennis elbow! i was very happy in december to hear my elbow doc say he could tell a difference in my elbow since november. i was even happier when the chiropractor i’ve been going to said none of the tennis elbow tests they use were causing me pain! i credit my recovery to a few things:

1. setting a time limit on my phone. it’s so dumb. but sometimes you gotta mom yourself, ya know? mine is set to 2 hours. i’m definitely not perfect with it and def go past it, but it certainly has made me more mindful of my usage and helps me to make an informed decision about how wise it is to go past 2 hours.

2. physical therapy. lots and lots and lots of physical therapy. it was the foundation of everything else. i could’ve given up the phone but without the PT i don’t think i’d be improving as much as i have.

3. taking a (significant) break from knitting. oh that pains me. but you know what, a little emotional pain in the short term is better than physical pain in the long term. i took about 2 months off of knitting (and all other crafts/elbow-aggravating activities). i am sloooowly getting back into it. i desperately want to just dive in and get my projects off the needles, but alas, just because i am improving doesn’t mean i can throw all caution to the wind. my current issue with my injury is the muscle tension. oh, the muscle tension! i get real sore if i do too much of anything with my arm, so i really try to be smart with it. that brings me to the next one…

4. chiropractic care and massage therapy. a friend of mine is a massage therapist and she very kindly offered me weekly half-price massages to help me out with my muscle tension prob. she is very skilled at what she does. i will say her massages are definitely not the relaxing variety, they are the ‘omg that hurts please stop but also i know it’s really helping so don’t stop’ variety. i still have bruises from the massage i got from her last week! as for the chiropractor- wow, those people know so much! my chiro is part airrosti, part ancient medicine, part physical therapy. he does all sorts of weird stuff to me (adjustments, dry needling, cupping, manual therapy, etc) and then i do some strength exercises. the consensus among my medical professionals seems to be that i really gotta work on my strength. i did ask him to not adjust my neck anymore cause that shit is scary, but everything else POP AWAY. i have been amazed at all the parts of my body that can be adjusted. i also feel weirdly energetic after getting adjusted. is that normal?!

so all of that is to say that i have been knitting again and i’m going to be sharing some progress here soon. i probably won’t have any FOs for quite a while, but i’m ok with that. slowing down is helping me to be more mindful and in the moment with my knitting. quality over quantity, you know?

til we meet again!