weekend reading

happy august, my dears! how have you been? what are your late summer plans? 

this morning, right before i wrote this post, i was reading mollie makes and i spotted a page that featured lee foster-wilson. i hadn't heard of her before, but one of the pictures, of a moth necklace, made me go check out her website and insta and um, i'm in love. instant follow! i need this necklace, right?! there are so many things of hers i want!!!

this summer, i have been living in a few clothing items- linen pants, linen shorts and t-shirts, a linen romper, and dresses. alllll the dresses! grainline just released a new dress pattern last week, the felix dress, and i. must. make. it. i love the sleeveless version and the short sleeve one too!

cinnamon harissa caramel corn. ok. what. 

on one of my favorite podcasts, one of the advertisers is brooklinen. i saw a blogger post about some of their sheets this week and she mentioned their candles. loving candles, i had to go look them up. this one sounds INCREDIBLE. the only bad thing about buying candles online is that you don't know if you're going to like the scent! has anybody smelled this? is it good?! 

this romper is giving me ideas. 

as i mentioned last week, punch brothers is out with a new album. i really liked this interview that frontman chris thile did with billboard

how beautiful is this cabled wrap?! i keep telling myself i need to get my seed stitch wrap off the needles before i do any other wraps, but this one is sooooo tempting! 

i was perusing the state website earlier this week and found this robe and this one. love them. i really have got to make a robe for myself. 

embroidery thread wrapped hoop earrings. so cute!