weekend reading

Hello everyone! Christmas is upon us and I am in full-on vacation mode. I took the entire week off of work and I am planning on reading, doing yoga, and just generally relaxing. How about you?

Here are some links to enjoy on your break, however long it is.

Warming winter squash tagine. I made this last week, after about a month of not cooking, and it was so easy and so delicious. I loved all the wintery spices in it.

How good does this hot chocolate sound?

I want to DIY this.

I love the pretty pastel colors in this cowl.

I’m really into the pussy bow look these days. Here’s a cozy flannel shirt with one and here’s a link on various ways to make your own.

I believe I’ve mentioned here before that I subscribe to a daily poetry email newsletter called Pome. It is so good. Recently, this poem was shared. And I loved it so much. I told a friend about it and she recommended this poem and I loved it as well. It turns out that Brautigan was part of Pome’s inspiration, so it’s truly a full circle kind of deal.

A handmade bath soak is a perfect last-minute gift or a perfect gift to self.

Loving these starry free embroidery patterns.

I totally want this build-your-own greenhouse toy.

This spoke to me.

Ever-evolving wreath.

Candied orange peels. We have a ton of oranges right now and I really want to try my hand at these.

Merry merry!

fall reading

a little theme to keep going, if you will.

since i have cut back on screen time lately, i have found myself with…free time.

the internet and all of our little devices are truly magical little things and have opened up worlds of possibilities for us all. but they have also sucked up all of our free time. bored? scroll through insta. waiting for jury duty? check email and facebook. waiting in a line or just generally waiting for something? buzzfeed, reddit, twitter.

what did we used to do in those moments? i’m not saying that we didn’t have other ways to just fill the time. we did. and i’m not saying that our phones are evil and that we shouldn’t use them or that checking email and twitter and fb and insta etc are bad. i’m saying that for me personally, those are not my values and i don’t want to be spending my spare time with those things often.

i want to read.

and again, i know i can do this on my phone. but for me, the temptation to switch apps and mindlessly scroll is too great.

somehow this has turned into a rant. it’s supposed to be about the good stuff i’ve read/am currently this fall!

so here we go. the point of the post.

opened ground by seamus heaney. if you follow me on instagram, you will know the depths of my love for poetry, especially seamus heaney’s poetry. the man can do no wrong. i spent about 2 years with this lovely collection of his work and it was beautiful and meaningful. it is full of poems i will return to again and again. i love the way poetry seeps into your brain and takes up residence there and then flows out in mundane moments. i was walking up the street one day after it had been raining for days. there were little rivers running down the curbs and immediately the line “where springs washed into/ the shiny grass / and darkened cobbles /in the bed of the lane” immediately sprang to mind.

the witch elm by tana french. this was my first foray into tana french’s beautifully written irish world and it will not be my last. this book was a book club read. i was intimated by the size of the novel (500 pages) and worried that my commitment of finishing book club picks on time would be hindered by the length of the book. i didn’t need to worry because i devoured this one. i couldn’t stop reading. i am not one for scary things. i can’t handle violence or gruesome death scenes/descriptions. but a little suspense? i’m in. this book made me want a candlestick holder. yes, i know that’s random and weird. read it and you’ll understand. except it’s used in a pretty terrible way. but really. tana french’s description of it was so gorgeous that i had to buy one, “barley-sugar-twist stem and graceful fleur-de-lys swoops at the top, the center prong sharpened to hold the candle (stub of melted wax, a night with wine in bed and Nina Simone).” i mean, come on.

the woman in the window by aj finn. i needed another page turner after the witch elm and another suspense was the way to go. the story of how i came into possession of this book entertains me: my brother in law asked for it for christmas last year. upon opening it, he realized that my grandparents had accidentally bought him the large-print version. not one to be ungracious, he thanked them for it, then later asked me if i wanted it. undeterred by large print, i happily accepted. i started this book at my first-ever jury duty. i was blessedly not chosen that day and had spent all of my time at the courthouse reading this book. from then on, it was another one i couldn’t put down. there are twists and turns and parts that make your heart beat fast.

my brilliant friend by elena ferrante. my book club has a bit of a history. for a while, we read only very serious books. it wasn’t on purpose. we don’t have a theme or anything, but i think we were all feeling the heaviness of the world and wanted to stay woke. we mostly got it out of our systems and have read some really great books that were a little more entertainment than education since then. this month, after discussing the witch elm, the chooser of december’s book gave us a choice. one, my brilliant friend, was one i had already read and loved. the other, a title i cannot remember, was a serious and heavy book. our group decided that since my brilliant friend was just about to air on hbo that night, and because i had a positive experience with it before, and because nobody wanted to read something so heavy and serious, that we would go with my brilliant friend. i’m only a few pages into my re-reading of it, but i am loving it again. i cannot wait to watch the hbo show.

hunger, hope, and healing by sarahjoy marsh. as i mentioned in one of my last posts, i am in yoga teacher training. i am specifically learning psychotherapeutic yoga, so much of my research into yoga has been how i can apply it to my job as a therapist. there is so much out there about how yoga is good for such emotional healing and i have been trying absorb it all. i was at half-price books recently and was perusing the yoga section and i came across this book. after reading the subtitle, i was worried that it was going to be yet another book that claimed freedom from food and body obsession but still had the diet mentality at its core. so i flipped through and read bits and pieces and looked over the appendix and decided it was worth a try. then i started reading. i am not far into it yet, but my friends, whoa. this is going to be such an asset to my job, to my yoga training, and hopefully, to my patients. it is a beautiful and useful combination of eating disorder and body image training, therapy, and yoga. i cannot wait to keep reading and start applying it. i am envisioning this book being one of those that becomes completely beat up and worn down with love and near-daily use.

what have been your favorite reads this fall?

weekend reading

are you tired of links yet? i don’t think i could ever tire of link posts. they are my very favorite on blogs. there are so many possibilities out there!

we’ve had some themes this week. food. crafts. things.

how about some links about habits and inspiration? do those seem opposed to you? i find having habits and routine really increase the space in my life to be inspired.

in my ideal life i would do each of these every single month. i do some of these things, some more consistently than others.

i feel like this next list is the extended version of the previous one. and i’m here for it. some of this stuff is downright hygge!

a helpful list for the decluttering aspects of the previous two lists.

how are we going to keep up with all of these habits and goals?! how about a habit tracker? i started doing habit tracking back in august. i’m not obsessive with it (no need to plan out every minute of the day), but i do set goals at the beginning of the month and i choose things that i truly want to spend my time and energy and focus on. i do not care to micromanage my life and prioritize things like cleaning and cooking. i do care about making time for things like yoga, physical therapy, meditation, reading, french lessons, and tracking my screen time and pain levels. for the first couple of months that i did the habit tracking, i just drew out my own little grid in my journal, but for october and november, i used this printable and i really like it.

a daily check-in worth trying. cultivating community and gratitude. yes.

related: 103 random acts of kindness. i want to do more RAKs.

home is a cup of tea. this article has really stuck with me. i can recall my own tea (and coffee) experiences that i’ve had throughout this beautiful planet we call home. tea is powerful stuff.

tis the season for movies. movies for bad days, weeks, or years. movies for fall.

i love everything about this post.

tea with strangers. i wish we had this in dallas!

some information i haven’t shared on this here blog before: i am doing yoga teacher training. it is a long program, 10 months, so we have a lot of time to really assimilate the information and let it steep and change us. i am loving it so far and am so excited about the ways in which i can use it in my work as a therapist. i’d love to do community outreach with it and this looks like a great program to do just that. other areas i’m interested in applying yoga to: eating disorders and body image issues (of course), adaptable yoga (for those of us who are injured, ill, or in pain), and yoga for ALL body types. i really want to make it as accessible as possible. getting off my soapbox now.

let’s talk about essential oils real quick. i like how they smell and i think they have some medicinal-type usages (i love to put peppermint oil on my head or stomach if they aren’t feeling well) but i don’t go crazy with them. here are some blends that i think would smell so good!

ok. have we done it all? made goals and started some habits and been inspired?!

perhaps i shall have a new goal/habit in december of posting weekly again?

we’ll see.

wednesday reading

the links continue. i told you we had a lot of catching up to do.

this link list is all about the stuff. those little things you see on the internet that you imagine having if you had some extra change to spend. totally unnecessary but make you feel like maybe you do have your shit together.

phases of the moon print. very important to know.

somehow halloween was nearly one month ago already. that doesn’t stop me from thinking this card is adorable.

this body refresher would make me smell so good. (not that i smell bad.)

you know what else would make me smell so good? any of these perfumes. pf candle co has some of the best smelling candles out there, so i can only imagine how nice these are.

imagine sending little love notes on this.

gorgeous nature-inspired jewels.

tiny little studs that only those who get super close to you can see.

happy hump day.

monday reading

and the links continue.

this wouldn’t be a craft blog if i didn’t have an entire post dedicated to crafting links, right?

part of rehabbing my elbow has meant taking a break from things that aggravate it. seems logical but is much harder to do in reality. not spending as much time on my phone has been greatly aided by the new screen time feature…i set a limit of 2 hours and for the most part, i abide by my own rules. another part of this has been…no knitting. yes. it is tragic. especially considering that i had cast on a tecumseh sweater. it is stashed away for now, looking pretty in a rope basket. i will come back around to it. this ravelry thread had been immensely helpful as i ran into questions at the beginning of the pattern.

had i done a little more research prior to starting my tecumseh, i would’ve done these german short rows for the shaping.

gorgeous hand-dyed yarns.

knitting. outer space, huge. perfection.

i love the simple lace work of this cowl.

brioche beauty.

karen has been obsessing over this dickey for probably months now. and for very good reason. i now want/need to make one.

and now for some sewing/embroidery links…

i keep seeing some really pretty double hoop embroideries on insta. here’s a tutorial for making one.

i love the ruffles sara added to her hinterland dress.

and unsurprisingly i love the ruffled version of this pattern.

into this.

i have always been interested in doing a hand quilting project but i always wondered about those pesky knots. suzy made an excellent video, showing exactly how to make your quilting neat and knot-free.

and finally, this is your brain on crafting.

until i can craft again, i’ll keep my eyes open for inspiration.


weekend reading


long time no see.

i have missed this space.

around the time of my last post, i was at the end of doing traditional physical therapy for my silly little elbow. i decided to stop going and pursue some other options. part of that has been limiting how much time i am on my devices. unsurprisingly, within about 2 weeks i noticed a vast improvement in my pain! very good news indeed. once again i have found myself readjusting my priorities. i miss this corner of the internet though and want to get back to it.

i have about a million links saved up right now so i’m going to do several posts, probably broken up into some sort of categorical system to share them all efficiently and without having 100 links per post.

so without further ado, all of the foodie links i’ve been saving up.

make your own ginger tea.

jackfruit “chicken” salad. i have lately been obsessed with whole foods’ vegan “chicken” salad and would love to have my own homemade version.

cinnamon toast with figs and ricotta. i mean, just look at that picture. how can i say no?

lemon smoothie.

vanilla turmeric golden milk latte. i made this in october and it was so warm and perfect. i have a milk frother now and i can only imagine that it will take this latte to new heights.

hot mulled cider. i also made this in october and it was a crowd-pleaser at craft night.

whole stuffed tomato dumplings. come on.

toasted marshmallow milkshake. this winter i want to toast some marshmallows in my fireplace, make this, then drink it by said fireplace.

plum pudding cake.

stewy chickpeas. i made this last month as well and it was so good that i don’t have the words for it. i need to make it again soon.

vegetarian french onion soup. i made this in october and y’all. it was amazing. so worth all of the time that went into it. the next time i make it i’m going to add some worcestshire sauce for a little more umami.

homemade spicy ramen with tofu.

and finally, not a recipe, but a recommendation now that we are in peak pie season.

check back monday for another installment of links.


weekend reading

hello dears!

how is everyone? what small things are making you happy these days? i bought the cutest little house-shaped matchbox this afternoon and it is making me so happy. it looks adorable next to a lit candle. other than that i have spent the weekend reading a lot, getting back into doing my french lessons regularly, and took a long, very hot bath. i am on a knitting break (ish) right now (physical therapist’s orders), so i have been looking for ways to spend my time. i must say that i did knit a very tiny bit the last few days and it was really nice. hopefully i’ll be back to it again soon enough.

when i can knit a lot again, i really want to make some scrappy socks like this. such a good way to use those pesky little bits of leftover yarn.

french onion tart. oh my. i love onions in just about any form, but especially in the form of french onion soup (though it is difficult to find vegetarian versions). this tart looks so delicious and satisfying.

fried pistachios with lemon yogurt. yum yum yum.

did you read the neopolitan novels? they were super popular a few years ago and i ate them up. as soon as i finished one, i started the next. i remember being kinda sad when i was done- the characters felt so real and i was sad to say goodbye to them. hbo is making a tv show of it and i cannot wait to see it. it will be in italian and i’m sure it’ll be gorgeous in many ways.

i don’t remember how i ran across this sweater vest but i’m glad i did. it looks incredibly cozy and like an easy and very fast knit. i haven’t had any luck finding a pattern for it, but i bet i could wing it.

a new-to-me french craft blog. love it.

i’ve read good things about this scent and i want to smell it. i wish i could find it in a store in dallas and smell before i buy. the ingredients list is on the website so i could always try to diy.

well my friends, that’s all i’ve got this week. i hope your fall is off to a cozy start and that it’s full of taking care of yourself.

weekend reading

Ah, September! It seems like something changes in September, doesn't it? I, like so many others, am looking forward to fall and all that it brings. Unfortunately, I am back on knitting restriction (and by extension, other craft restriction as well) due to my arm not being good right now. I had some really good, nearly entirely pain free, days this week which was very encouraging. So, I am focusing on reading and watching all the shows I keep meaning to watch. 

Speaking of shows, this weekend I completely binged the first season of Broadchurch. It had been on my list for a while and I saw the first episode a few weeks ago, but then I watched several episodes yesterday and I am obsessed. Can't wait to watch the next 2 seasons. 

4-ingredient golden milk mix. This will be such a perfect fall drink! 

I'm loving the colors of these naturally dyed fabrics

I have worn my linen jumpsuit so often this summer and I would love to have a non-sleeveless one for the cooler months. Etsy has some great ones, as usual. This search also led to looking up linen wrap dresses, and again, Etsy comes through

Trucker beats smoking addiction with knitting. I love this! I wish crafts weren't so gendered.

How dreamy is this knit cardigan? I would never take it off! Another cozy knit

Purl Soho is always tempting me!

Quilted journal covers. This might make for some cute birthday and/or Christmas gifts. 

I'm so in love with these cloud looms

In line with my injury, here are some knitting-specific stretches

Sandalwood, cedarwood, cinnamon, and vetiver? Ok, I'm sold. 

How good does this salsa look?!

I've never knit a hat before, but this one looks easy enough and is super cute. Maybe I'll get around to knitting one.

I am super inspired after seeing all these reading nooks

I need to make some cute little threadcatchers like this! It would be a perfect way to use scraps. 

This honeycrisp apple cocktail sounds soooooo good!

I made this korean bbq chickpea bowl for dinner earlier this week and it was very good. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

stuff and things

You all probably know by now that sometimes I get stuck on an idea and I toy with it obsessively for a hot minute. It's pretty typical for me. Usually I'll see something that piques my interest and then I fall into a rabbit hole. So let's dive into my recent rabbit hole: jewelry, pins, and other shiny things.

Crescent moon ring. Because we all know I'm obsessed with the moon. 

A cup of tea solves everything enamel pin. This would look super cute on my knitting bag. 

Shapes collar pin. I was thinking about ways I could wear my ever-growing collection of enamel pins and then I saw this bad boy. A new world has been opened to me. 

La Barbuda has so many good Harry Potter pins, as well as some other cult classics. 

Lula Rocks also has some excellent HP pins. And a moon child pin

What other cool pins should I know about?! 

weekend reading

Hi pals!

How was your week? What fun things did you do (or not do)? I've had a pretty chill week. I'm going to a baseball game tonight which feels very on-brand for mid-to-late August. 

Here are some things I liked this week.

Bootie season is upon us. I'm loving these blush ones

How gorgeous are ALL of these photos?! Jamie's blog and instagram always inspires me to practice my French and to wear long flowing dresses. 

I want this moon print

This stitch study is incredible. 

Sashiko has always really appealed to me but I've yet to try it. These coasters might be a good introduction. 

A quilted zipper pillow. I'm thinking about making one of these for a big body pillow I have! It would make it look super extra and cozy and one-of-a-kind for sure. 

There are so many gorgeously color worked yoke sweaters out there these days, and here is yet another one I love

Socks! On teeny tiny 9" circular needles. I exclusively use magic loop for any small circumference knitting but these 9" needles intrigue me. Has anybody used them? 

I wasn't joking around when I said I wanted to become a sock knitter. I have been searching for all the easiest and best-looking ways to do things and that quest has continued. I have really enjoyed doing the fish lips kiss heel on my latest socks, but I can't deny that I love the look of a traditional heel flap and gusset. My biggest pet peeve in knitting is picking up stitches, though, so I've yet to do the heel flap and gusset. I have a feeling that's about to change now that I've seen this video. It's perfect for toe-up socks, there are no stitches to pick up, it's easy to memorize and you don't need stitch markers, and it looks so good! And I could do the gorgeous eye of the partridge heel with it! 

Grow your own tea. Pondering. 

Matcha green tea smoothie. Sounds soooo refreshing! 

Chilled coconut corn soup. Because summer isn't over yet. 

Have a great weekend! 

holi festival socks

Finished object alert!

I finished up a pair of ankle socks! I spotted this yarn years ago on Purl Soho and wanted it for a long while. I would search it on Ravelry and see what people were making with it, trying to get ideas for that *perfect* project. I decided that whenever I got the yarn (I didn't even own it yet), I would make socks. The yarn is too fun to not showcase it well! Eventually, I got the yarn for Christmas, but I was too timid to start the socks.

I would not necessarily call myself a sock knitter. I have made them before, but they had been filled with frustration, counting, not really understanding heel turn instructions, and little holes. They were just so fussy and too many things could go wrong. Plus, they were hard to put on- the bind off is too tight and I had to really pullllll my socks on. 

All that changed when I discovered a couple things. First was the fish lips kiss heel. Second was Jeny's super stretchy bind off. I now understand why so many people think socks are easy. This pair was a breeze to knit up. The day I finished them, I found out that my LYS carries the Sock Ruler, so I purchased that and that made it easier to know when to start the heel turn and when to bind off so it would match the first sock. For the FLK heel, she has you make a cardboard cutout of your foot and you do some math to figure out where to start your heel. I just lined up my foot cutout with the Sock Ruler, and figured out that I needed to start my heel when the sock measured 8.5" from the toe. I like the Sock Ruler a lot and it'll def be less weird to use in public than my foot cutout ha! I have always wanted to be a Sock Knitter™️ and these tools and techniques are definitely making that feel more in reach than ever before. 

Ravelry link
Madeline Tosh DK Twist in Holi Festival
Size 4 needle, magic loop
Judy's Magic Cast On- I cast on 16 stitches total
I increased every other round to 44 stitches total
Knit until sock measured 8.5", then started heel
Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Knit until sock measured about 3.25" from heel and then bound off
Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off
Started Feb. 18, 2018
Finished Aug. 11, 2018
Had I really committed to these, they would've been done within a week- the DK means they knit up very fast and I was able to get from mid-foot to finish at a craft night in about 3 hours. Hopefully this will be just one of many pairs of completed socks!

bandanas (again)

Ok I am seriously having a moment with bandanas. I have been wearing them so much and have been on the lookout for new ones to add to my quickly-expanding collection. 

I bought this one this week with a gift card from my birthday. It glows in the dark! 

This one makes me want to buy some Liberty fabric and make my own. 

I LOVE this one! I would never have thought to put 2 fabrics together to make a bandana like this but now I definitely want to. 

A knit bandana! This proves that Karen at Fringe was right to point us, her dear readers, in the direction of some knit bandanas/kerchiefs. 

I am so obsessed with this lunar bandana that I reached out to the artist to ask if I could possibly buy one even though her website seemed to indicate that she was no longer selling it. Unfortunately they are all out, but that's not going to stop me from admiring it. 

Same story with this one. Gonna have to admire it too. 

Sky bandanas. One is constellations and one is clouds. 

This one is just fun

Anyone else bandana obsessed? If you find any cool ones, send the link my way! 

constellation crazy

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved constellations and celestial-themed stuff. For as long as I can remember, so have my sisters. It has been something that we have all carried into adulthood to varying degrees. 

Recently, I've been looking for a constellation bandana. While I was searching the internet for the perfect one, I thought about making one. I ended up on Spoonflower and maybe might have gone a wee crazy with the bookmarking. Here are alllllll the fabrics I liked!

 Magick Bag Fabric. I like this one because it's just simply crescent moons and stars!
Celestial Dreams. Love the colors. It also comes in this lighter version
Deluna Navy. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I really might have to get some of this one. I love the combo of the moths, the moons, the color, all of it.
Wax and Wane. I love a good moon phase. 
Space. I love the little astronauts on this one!!!
Half Moon. I particularly like crescent moons, so this one was a standout to me. 
Moons. I really like the painterly quality of this one and the various moon phases. 
Under the Stars. Simple. I like it in this dark colorway as well. 
Many Moons. This is actually a Cotton + Steel fabric but I love it!

Then of course I got off track and found some non-celestial fabrics I liked too!
Watercolor Swiss Cross
Watercolor Cacti. Two of my favorite things. 
Cutie little clouds!! In this color too
Crosses. Love the light pink. 
And last but certainly not least are these Hearts, which remind me so much of Comme des Garçons

Maybe I need to just get allll the constellation fabrics and make an epic quilt. Hmmmm....

weekend reading

happy august, my dears! how have you been? what are your late summer plans? 

this morning, right before i wrote this post, i was reading mollie makes and i spotted a page that featured lee foster-wilson. i hadn't heard of her before, but one of the pictures, of a moth necklace, made me go check out her website and insta and um, i'm in love. instant follow! i need this necklace, right?! there are so many things of hers i want!!!

this summer, i have been living in a few clothing items- linen pants, linen shorts and t-shirts, a linen romper, and dresses. alllll the dresses! grainline just released a new dress pattern last week, the felix dress, and i. must. make. it. i love the sleeveless version and the short sleeve one too!

cinnamon harissa caramel corn. ok. what. 

on one of my favorite podcasts, one of the advertisers is brooklinen. i saw a blogger post about some of their sheets this week and she mentioned their candles. loving candles, i had to go look them up. this one sounds INCREDIBLE. the only bad thing about buying candles online is that you don't know if you're going to like the scent! has anybody smelled this? is it good?! 

this romper is giving me ideas. 

as i mentioned last week, punch brothers is out with a new album. i really liked this interview that frontman chris thile did with billboard

how beautiful is this cabled wrap?! i keep telling myself i need to get my seed stitch wrap off the needles before i do any other wraps, but this one is sooooo tempting! 

i was perusing the state website earlier this week and found this robe and this one. love them. i really have got to make a robe for myself. 

embroidery thread wrapped hoop earrings. so cute! 

weekend reading

You know what really sucks? When you write a whole blog post (a pretty good one, I think) and it disappears into the ether. Le sigh. But! We shall carry on. I have been trying to clear out old bookmarks on my computer and as such, all the links I included in last week's disappeared post are no longer in my bookmarks. This week will be a mix of what I remember from last week and some links from this week as well!

Cross your fingers for no technological disasters.

First, we must discuss music. Last week, one of my favorite bands, Luluc, released an absolutely beautiful new record, Sculptor. Luluc makes musics that is perfect for pondering, road trips, and early mornings. Sculptor is no different and I have listened to it so many times this past week.

I would be remiss to not mention another fantastic album that was released just this week- Punch Brothers' All Ashore. My love for PB has been well documented on this blog, so it should come as no surprise that I am mentioning the new album here. They always amaze me with their creativity and how they are able to keep in line with their style and yet also change it up completely. I absolutely cannot wait for my vinyl copy to come in because this is an album that will be best listened to on vinyl. 

We are seeing a terrible heat wave here in Dallas, with temps hitting 110 every day. It's pretty miserable and I am spending as much time indoors as possible, trying to stay hydrated. I have had A LOT of beverages over the last few days, trying to get more creative than just water. Here are some favorites from the week. 
Sparkling rosé pimm's cups!!
Agua fresca
Arnold Palmer (I had this at Erin's house and it had raspberry tea and I added some cucumber slices...it was SO GOOD)
There was some other drink that I had linked to in my disappeared post that I can't find again...I think it was some sort of fizzy and strawberry-y drink. So I might experiment at home! 

I have been in a pink hair phase lately. Every once in a while I'll just get a bee in my bonnet and want a pink ombre look. I have been using this hair dye. I am going to make my own Overtone-type conditioner so that I don't have to keep re-dyeing my hair every Saturday like I have been the last few weeks. 

A few weeks ago I was reading Karen's blog and she was talking about knit kerchiefs/bandanas and I knew that I had to make one. I had bought some pretty Madeline Tosh yarn (link to the color way only...I can't find the exact yarn) when i was on a craft retreat in May and I knew a little bandana would be the best way to show off the yarn. I am using the Simpatico Wrap pattern and will increase until my bandana sides measure about 22" then I'll decrease and will not switch to reverse stockinette stitch. I have a feeling this won't be my last knit bandana. I have been wearing them like crazy lately! I even have been keeping one in my purse for just in case, and also to dip in water and wear in this ridiculous heat. 

I've recently started being more dedicated to a yoga and meditation practice. I have been using this Yoga with Adriene video so much thanks to my perpetually tight hips. For meditation, I have been really liking the Insight Timer app. 

6 Tiny Things You Can Do to Take Better Care of Yourself This Week. I'm really trying to make these things daily/weekly habits. I am a person that thrives on a little structure and lately I have been feeling a lack of structure, so I really want to get back into that. 

I loved these wallpapers on Design Love Fest this week and had a really hard time deciding which one I wanted to be my background!

Well my dears, that's all I've got! I'm sure I forgot some things from the last week, but probably only the most important things stuck! Have a great Sunday and stay cool!


I am not sure if I've discussed my love of poetry here before or not. So I'll just say it now: I love poetry. I have enjoyed it for a long while, but only recently has my love really grown. In my (very large) stack of bedside reads is Why Poetry by Matthew Zapruder. In it, he discusses how poetry really is meant for everyone and explains how to enjoy it and understand it more. Zapruder references tons of poems throughout (naturally) and I've been looking them up and keeping track of ones I really enjoy. I hope one of these speaks to you. 

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot

Song of Myself by Walt Whitman

won't you celebrate with me by Lucille Clifton

Daybreak in Alabama by Langston Hughes

I Like My Body When It Is With Your by E.E. Cummings

In addition to Why Poetry, I have really been enjoying a daily poetry newsletter that I signed up for, Pome by Matthew Ogle. It's all contemporary poetry and I've discovered lots of poems that I really like. 

weekend reading

Hello everyone. Here are some links for you to enjoy that I've accumulated for a couple of weeks. I hope you find something you like!

Summer always has me wanting to make friendship bracelets. These are really cute and look like they'd be easy to take on and off. 

These socks look so cozy! I have yet to do a patterned sock, so maybe this will be next on my list. 

Loved this post about giving yourself a dress code. I totally want to do the same. It's so much easier to get dressed when most things go with one another and are definitely your style. 

I'll continue the clothes-related links now..."unflattering" clothes. Yes. I am a fan of oversized things. They truly do keep you cooler!

I want everything on this site

This dress. I want it real bad. 

I am all about the elastic waistband these days. These shorts have one and they'd be cute in all sorts of fabrics. 

Look at this yarn! Really clever self-striping!

I really love brownies, so you know I bookmarked this recipe when I came across it. 

Did you ever press flowers when you were growing up? I definitely did, though I mostly forgot about it until I read this post. Now I want to press ALL the flowers. 

A friend recently told me about this site and wow, I am inspired. 

Back in April, I went to the DMA and Laura Owens had an exhibit there. I am still thinking about this horse painting of hers. Love the colors. 

I am super picky about perfumes. I will find one I like and wear it for years and years. Inevitably, it will get discontinued and I have to search for a new one. Such has been the case with Oud Sahara, a perfume I got at Urban Outfitters a year or two ago. The closest thing I've found to it is Le Labo Santal 33, but I live with a budget, so I'm looking for more affordable options. I'm wondering if Demeter's oud will smell the same?! They have soooo many scents- i had a lot of fun looking through them on their website. 
*UPDATE* In researching Oud Sahara, I have found out that UO has it again!! Hooray! I better stock up!

15 Tiny Things That Could Seriously Improve Your Life In Just a Month. I definitely want to do ALL of these. Some I'm doing but could stand to do more of. 

And finally, one of my friends posted last weekend about a mala she made. It made me want to make one. One of my besties also saw that friend's mala and also wanted to make one. So we're gonna do this thing (eventually). Here's a post my bestie sent me to get us started on our mala journey. 

See y'all later!


*I started writing this on April 1. For real. Here I am, finally posting. Enjoy!

Every few weeks at the end of the last quarter of 2017, I'd get an email from corporate. Make sure to use your 2017 PTO! It expires in April! I'd read these emails and promptly delete them. Then I looked at my carryover PTO and I was like "oh wow. I need to go somewhere". I had about a week's worth of days to take off! I started emailing my friend C about a potential trip to Seattle, where she lives. 

Last February, C was diagnosed with stage IV glioblastoma and was given 12 months to live. She did the requisite surgery, radiation, and chemo, and overhauled her lifestyle to reduce her stress and changed her diet. She has had no evidence of cancer ever since! The week before I went to Seattle, she had yet another clean MRI, a huge cause for celebration. 

So this trip was part vacay, part celebration of my friend making it past her bleak prognosis. 

Seattle is one of my most favorite cities. I came to know it via a YoungLife camp in British Columbia, Malibu Club. Malibu is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the pleasure to see. Every time I went to Malibu, I first had to make my way to Seattle. Every time I am in the PNW, I want to move there. This time was no different! 

Day 1, March 28- arrived in Seattle around lunchtime. I took an Uber to C's house in Fremont. We spent the afternoon walking around town, going to a fabric shop and a grocery store, then headed to the house for a snack. We then went on another walk to her son's preschool to pick him up. After that, it was time for dinner prep, done to the sounds of a great playlist. We then did a little something that became a nightly routine- as C and her husband put the kids to bed, I would foam roll (I've been doing physical therapy again...for my hamstring this time). Then, C would come down with cups of tea for us and we'd craft and watch 2 episodes of Queer Eye as I iced my poor little glutes and hamstrings. At that point, it was about 9:15pm and time for C to take her chemo pill. Then we'd call it a night!

obligatory view-from-the-plane photo

shoutout to the girl sitting next to me who would lean all the way forward when i wanted to take a pic!

the cherry blossoms were in full bloom everywhere and i couldn't help but take tons of pics of them!

Day 2, March 29- Thursday morning we got going pretty early and found ourselves in Downtown Seattle. We walked around for a bit, then headed to Drygoods Design. Ever since I have been feeling better, I have been knitting away, so it should come as no surprise that instead of finding fabric and a dress pattern, I ended up with a skein of Manos in a colorway (Wedgwood) that reminds me of Seattle, and a beautiful pair of Lykke knitting needles. I am determined to become a sock knitter once and for all. We then went to The London Plane for a little tea/croissant/kombucha break, then headed down to Pike Place to look at all the gorgeous tulips. From there, we literally ran to catch a bus back to Fremont, where we enjoyed a lunch at home and then we walked to "old lady yoga". Old lady yoga is just a restorative class, which is absolutely my favorite kind of yoga class. Afterward, we walked home, just in time for the littlest boy to come home. Shortly thereafter, we walked to pick up C's older son from preschool, then headed back for dinner prep. A thing about C- she is a fantastic cook, so all of our meals were SO good! This night's meal in particular was amazing- some kind of grain (we had a different grain every night I was there- it's hard to keep them all straight), broccoli with a Spiral Diner-inspired sauce, roasted yellow cherry tomatoes, topped with a large, warm chunk of feta cheese. After dinner, I brought out Tenzi and Uno and we played a few rounds of each. Then, it was time for our nightly routine. So far, the socks were going well. 

The London Plane

The London Plane

The London Plane has some really gorgeous greenery and flowers as well as food, and these were outside the door. 

The London Plane has some really gorgeous greenery and flowers as well as food, and these were outside the door. 

Classic Seattle pic. 

Classic Seattle pic. 

Pike Place always has the prettiest and cheapest flowers.

Pike Place always has the prettiest and cheapest flowers.

Drygoods purchases.

Drygoods purchases.

Started the socks while C made dinner. 

Started the socks while C made dinner. 

The amazing meal C made! I tried recreating it at home and it wasn't as good, though it was pretty tasty. 

The amazing meal C made! I tried recreating it at home and it wasn't as good, though it was pretty tasty. 

Day 3, March 30- C has been wanting to try her hand at garment sewing, so I told her while I visited, I would help her with that task. Originally, she wanted to make herself a dress, but given our time constraints and my inability to commit to a fabric or a pattern, we settled on making Wiksten Harem Pants for a few babies in our lives. The pattern is super easy and great for a first-time garment sewist. Our pants turned out SO cute!! By the time we were done sewing, it was time for 2 little boys to make their way home. We loaded them up in the stroller and ventured down to a salad restaurant in Fremont. On the way home we passed by the Fremont Troll, as did every other tourist in town. We then made our way to The Book Larder, which is every cook and baker's dream come true- a whole store dedicated to cook books!! It was overwhelming in the very best way. After that, we went back to the house and crafted for a bit. I turned the heel on the sock I brought with me (not my new sock...don't worry, I am not THAT fast!) and it went perfectly well! Then, back to dinner prep and the nightly routine. 

there's nothing better than being in your jammers all morning long while crafting with a friend. 

there's nothing better than being in your jammers all morning long while crafting with a friend. 



at this point i pretended i was in 10 things i hate about you. 

at this point i pretended i was in 10 things i hate about you. 

cookbooks galore at the book larder!!!

cookbooks galore at the book larder!!!

Day 4, March 31- This will go in history as the most gorgeous day that has ever existed in Seattle, and possibly the whole world. It was a gorgeously sunny day and the temp was utter perfection. My friend K picked me up and we drove down to the ferry terminal. A quick aside about K- we met in 2015 when she was still living in Dallas...we met at a weaving class (of course). It turned out that we also went to the same church and knew several of the same people. We never saw each other in Dallas again, so hanging out in Seattle was literally only the 2nd time I've ever seen her! Luckily she is cool so spending the whole day with her was awesome! We got on the Bainbridge ferry and walked around the sun deck and took photos. Once we arrived in Bainbridge, we went to Cafe Nola for lunch. K had this amazing squash pancake thing. I don't remember what it was exactly, but it was so delicious. We then walked down to Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, aka the best store ever. I have been trying to buy yarn only if I have a project in mind for it, so I did not buy any yarn (shocking), however, I ended up with a beautiful shawl pin and some much needed blocking pins. Then we went to a bakery for some coffee and cookies. We then drove down to Bay Hay and Feed, where there were soooo many beautiful plants in bloom! The air smelled strongly of lavender, which is exactly what Malibu Club smells like, and I found myself feeling incredibly nostalgic. Like, I would look up at the conifer trees and almost start crying ahaha. What can I say, I am sentimental! We found some cute baby chicks and took tons of photos and videos for our instagram stories ha! We drove back to the ferry terminal after stopping at a grocery store, then we enjoyed THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FERRY RIDE THAT HAS EVER EXISTED. I took around 5 million of the exact same photo. The view of downtown was RIDICULOUS. It was so pretty! AND WE COULD SEE MOUNT RAINIER!!! All caps and exclamations points necessary. A better day for a ferry ride DOES NOT EXIST. I came home in time for one last home-cooked dinner, many, many rounds of Uno, and our nightly routine. 

had to get a ferry pic with the space needle in the background duh.

had to get a ferry pic with the space needle in the background duh.

this is def when i was tearing up at the lavender smell while looking at the trees. memories, man.

this is def when i was tearing up at the lavender smell while looking at the trees. memories, man.





Day 5, April 1- This morning was the first that was stereotypically Seattle- it was cold and rainy. But alas, the children had an Easter egg hunt to get to, so we bundled up and walked to the neighbor's house. One of my favorite things about Seattle is that Seattlites don't let the rain ruin their plans. Everyone has the appropriate clothing and just carries on in their rain gear. Having been to the PNW several times, I knew this and packed my raincoat :) Saying goodbye was very bittersweet, as goodbyes tend to be. I was so happy to have gotten to spend several days with C. We picked up right where we left off and it was like old times when we would watch Scandal and knit together while her little one napped. How special it was to do that again and be hopeful that we will get to do it again in the future. 

C and me. 

C and me. 

the taxi line was unlike anything i have ever seen before. it went back FOREVER. 

the taxi line was unlike anything i have ever seen before. it went back FOREVER. 

last peek of seattle. 

last peek of seattle. 

very bumpy flight but it looked pretty cool out the window. 

very bumpy flight but it looked pretty cool out the window. 

in-flight entertainment. 

in-flight entertainment. 

when i saw this i immediately thought of a quilt. it is true: i am a crafter. 

when i saw this i immediately thought of a quilt. it is true: i am a crafter. 

i got quite a bit done on my sock! 

i got quite a bit done on my sock! 

weekend reading

Hey y'all. How was your week? Mine was spent wearing head to toe linen like every day, so I'd say mine was pretty great. I'm all about staying cool in this ridiculous heat. Here are some things you can read while enjoying the a/c this weekend. 

The week or 2 before I went to the craft retreat, I was sleeping really, really poorly. I was waking up multiple times a night and was not feeling great. Then on the retreat, I slept badly too (I am a VERY high maintenance sleeper as you're about to see...sharing a room with 3 other people does not do good things for my sleep!). I am happy to report that since coming home, I have been sleeping SO much better. I have been more intentional about my ~sleep hygiene~ and I think that's really helped! Here are some things I'm doing:
   Turning off screens at 9pm. I have an alarm on my phone that tells me to do so. All my closest friends know about it and will hear it and say "there's your bedtime alarm". lolol. They're not wrong. 
   At 9 i'll do quiet activities that don't require screens- write in my gratitude journal (or regular journal), maybe foam roll or do yoga a little, meditate with this app, listen to a record, knit, or read. 
   I have another alarm that goes off at 9:50pm and that's my actual bedtime alarm. At that point I'll put some lavender and cedar essential oil in my diffuser, put some lavender oil on my wrists, neck, and temples (I made my own rollerball- several drops of lavender oil + almond oil in a rollerball from Whole Foods), slather some Maty's Baby Chest Rub on my chest (this shit smells amazing. I use it only for that reason. Sometimes I put it on in the morning as a sort of perfume.), put my #nightlotion on my hands and feet and give myself a lil foot rub and neck rub, sometimes I'll use one of these bad boys, turn on my sound app (I use the car sound), and then I put on my beloved sleep mask (in the last 10 years, I have had only TWO of these masks. They are amazing. I wash it every week and it holds up great. I replaced it only because the elastic on my first mask wore out completely. I then replaced only the elastic and when that wore out too I got a new mask. It blocks all the light out and is great for me, a back, side, AND stomach sleeper!) and pretty much immediately fall asleep. 

Ok, wow. That was really long. But hopefully it helps someone else out there who's having sleep probs. Sleep truly is the foundational self-care!

Something I have been LOVING lately is a poem-a-day email that I signed up for. It's all contemporary poetry and so good. If you're into poetry, check it out. I've definitely flagged a few to keep. 

Adored this post, especially that opening quote. 

I'm trying to figure out how to DIY this. It's super cute and would be perfect for the Texas summer. 

This summery oatmeal sounds so delightful. 

This video made me smile. 

Y'all prob know by now that I love the podcast Spilled Milk. Last week, a certain New Yorker article was referenced and I was intrigued. So I read the article. And I wish I hadn't. Click at your own risk

Very thought provoking

Permanent jewelry. This is SO COOL. 

Here's hoping that this weekend will result in me finally sewing the buttonholes on my Alder dress! If that happens, expect a post about said finished dress very soon. 

weekend(ish) reading

Over the weekend I was at a craft retreat in the hill country of Texas. It was so nice to get away and spend several days with a bunch of other crafty women. Most of us sewed or knitted during the retreat. It was so fun to do what is usually a solitary activity with a bunch of other gals and to share meals with them and watch movies and tell stories and laugh. 

On the last morning of the retreat, I hung out on the porch in the morning for a bit and listened to birds, goats, and roosters in the distance. It was very restorative, much like how Lucy is restored in nature

While preparing for the retreat, I was looking up all sorts of sewing patterns and tried to decide what I wanted to make. It was a difficult decision! I found this pattern in my search (though I did not make it). I also found this dress pattern, as well as this top.

I ended up actually making the Grainline Studio Alder dress (minus doing the buttonholes and attaching buttons), a kimono that I drafted myself, and cut out all the pieces for a Kalle Dress. I also knit some on my seed stitch wrap and a sock. This Alder sew along was super super helpful when I was making my dress! I cut my Kalle Dress from rayon fabric and this post was helpful for dealing with rayon. 

Bandanas. I'm sure I have talked about them here before, but I'm just really feeling them lately. Erin at Reading My Tea Leaves has been feeling them too and also keeps writing about them. This week she linked to several and I found a few I really liked:
These remind me of Nani Iro double gauze. I bet they are so soft!
Love the moon phases and good luck symbols on this one
Texas theme and pink?!
Silky watercolor perfection
I usually tie my bandanas in a knot around my neck, but I think this slide would be super chic. I'm also thinking that in the meantime, a ring might work! 

Speaking of rings, I got this one at Madewell last week and it has become a part of my daily rotation. One of my friends saw it and immediately said, "Under his eye," which made me laugh but then also shudder. 

This made me crave Swedish Fish so bad

Everyday I am more and more discouraged about the amount of waste happening in our world. There is just so much. What is the solution? This post is particularly sobering

Hopefully I'll get some buttons on my dress and be posting about it here soon!