weekend reading

Oh hey, another week with no posts! Let's just pretend that it's because I lead a very interesting and busy life (mostly true) and that I am just crafting SO MUCH that I don't have time to document. Yeah, let's go with that! 

Link love!

Oy. No One Wants Your Old Clothes. I really do try to be conscious about my clothing purchases and buy only the things I really love, but lately I am completely uninspired when I look at my closet and I kinda want to just get rid of everything and start over. This article makes me rethink that! 

In a similar vein: joining the start-over club. When one is a knitter (especially, but this goes for any type of maker), you occasionally get to a point in a project where you're not in love but you continue anyway because you've already put so much work in. And then you keep knitting and keep silently hating the outcome and you have to make a big decision. To forge ahead or to frog? I recently ripped out about 70 rows of my Seed Stitch Wrap because one of the colors just wasn't doing it for me. I hadn't really liked it the whole time, but I thought surely with the next color I would like it. Well guess what? I DIDN'T. And so I made the decision to rip back to the end of the first color. It wasn't fun and some people thought I was nuts, but it all comes down to this: I would rather have something take 500 years and be absolutely in love with the outcome than to spend 500 minutes on it and feel only ok about it. The next time I am contemplating ripping a project, I will definitely refer to this article and to my very own blog post. #knittingessayover

LOVE THIS. Tampon drama for the ages! This is like every text exchange between a girl and her best friends. 

I really liked this Reddit post. I think most of us have at least one thing in our lives (illness or not) that we'd rather not have, but this guy makes a great point about doing what you can to change it and then accepting it and moving on. 

Self-care. It's not just for us therapists of the world! It's for everyone. I'm glad to see it featured on Design*Sponge.

I was doing my knitting homework (haha yes) for my Norwegian mittens class that I'll be taking this weekend at Stitches Texas and I had...a revelation. I have always wanted to be a sock knitter. I've seen bloggers who are constantly knitting a pair of socks and it just seems so quaint and relaxing. But here's the thing: I HATE KNITTING SOCKS. Rather, I hate knitting with the itty bitty yarn and needles (remember my rule? Size 7s or above!!). These mittens are knit with worsted weight yarn and size 5 and 7 needles. THIS IS MY KIND OF KNITTING YALL. I can still be a sock knitter, I just need to make worsted weight socks! Which are obviously cozier anyway. There is still hope for me. I wanna make some straight up CRAZY socks. I'm thinking these yarns will do: Madeline Tosh DK in Holi Festival, Lang Jawoll Magic in color 54, and Felici rainbow yarn!! (double stranded, obv.) #secondknittingessayover

I'm feeling ultra inspired these days. I think it's because I've been mostly off of Facebook for the last few weeks, deleted Twitter from my phone, have been checking Instagram only very sporadically and for only a few minutes at a time (I'm not going to confess how much time I was previously spending on there), and haven't been lounging around on the internet for hours after work. All this time off of technology has allowed for a few things: my recurring tennis elbow is almost gone (I get tennis elbow pretty often because of so many repetitive movements from crafting and from, yes, scrolling on my phone), I am reading tons of books, and I am getting lots of crating in! 

Also inspiring- pretty much all of my entertainment these days is of the European variety and I am suffering from extreme wanderlust!!! Call the Midwife, the Elena Ferrante series of novels, Irish music, and Chef's Table France are giving me life and also making me want to travel and eat and drink and laugh and love and make cool stuff. For now I will keep dreaming and keep making here at home. 

weekend reading

Oops, I missed yesterday, but Saturday is still the weekend!

Last night, I went with 5 of my gal pals to see Bridget Jones's Baby and it did not disappoint! It was so funny and was much better than I was expecting! I totally recommend it! 

I am SO EXCITED for next week because I am going to Stitches Texas!!! It was a completely last minute decision, but I am thrilled. I am going to be taking two 6 hour courses- rigid heddle weaving and Norwegian mittens

In the same vein as Norwegian mittens, here is a fantastic post about Icelandic knitting. Swoon. 

I went to Anthro yesterday and scored this adorable mug. As if I don't own enough mugs! I also got these cute little bowls because they were on sale! Yay!!

Adding this scarf and this wrap to my never-ending want-to-make list. Purl will always be my creative crush. 

Loved this post about WIPs. I long for a day when I have only 1 WIP, but I don't think that will ever happen. 

To Be Held. yes. 

Lurve this weaving idea!

omgggg you guys. I laughed SO HARD at this

I always knew Stacy London was a badass, but this was further proof

BRING BACK THE LEISURE! This is why I don't craft for a living. Everyone encourages me to, but I enjoy it way too much to let it become a business and turn into something I hate.

All about that hospitality.  

That's all I got for ya this week, folks. Here's to a great weekend filled with coffee, happiness, and leisure! 

marthe blouse

You know that moment when you write an entire blog post and it’s great and it has links and everything and then Safari QUITS?! Yeah, I know that feeling well because that happened with this post! The only thing that got saved was half of the title of this post! Booooo. Hopefully this second writing of the post will be just as good as the first writing :) 

This weekend I did something I haven’t done in a while- I sewed a garment! I spend all of Saturday on it and it was so satisfying and I am IN LOVE with the finished product! 

The Marthe Blouse has been on my to-make list for a while and it was only after being reminded that I have owned the pattern for quite a while (thanks Dropbox for keeping it safe for me!) that I decided to make it. I had been wanting to make a top with Anna Rifle Bond’s fun flamingo voile and this was the perfect top to make with it! 

The pattern is very easy to follow and comes together pretty quickly. It is appropriate for beginning sewists, however, be aware that many of the techniques are not fully explained (such as installing a zipper, gathering the fabric for the peplum, attaching the bias binding, etc.). These should pose no problem for a more experienced garment sewist, but if this is your first garment, make sure to have Google or a more experienced friend at the ready. 

Marthe is a French pattern that has been translated to English. I had no problem following the instructions. It does require that you add your own seam allowances, which I did by tracing my pattern pieces onto pattern tracing paper and then running it through my sewing machine with a bright thread (more detailed instructions can be found on #2 in this article). This pattern calls for 2 meters of 140 cm wide (55 inches) fabric. My fabric was the standard 44/45” and I was able to get away with using 2.5 yards. I made the size 36 with no length modifications (I am 5’7” for reference; I usually wear a size 2/4 or extra small or small and the size 36 was perfect), but had I made a bigger size or added length, I don’t think 2.5 yards would have been enough. Be aware! My only modification to the pattern was adding a ribbon tie to the back but that’s only because I am not the best at installing zips on garments and my attempts to add a silver metallic zip were thwarted! I like the tie a lot though and in future iterations I will do the tie again or omit a back closure altogether as there is plenty of room to fit my head in! This pattern fit perfectly with just the right amount of ease- it is breezy without being a tent woo hoo! 

This is how much fabric I had leftover!!! Be careful, friends!

Finished front!

Finished back!

Photo of it on because I hate when people don't post photos of them wearing something!!! I need to know how it lays and stuff, people! 

This photo is a big deal because I rarely properly finish my seams, but for this one I went all out. 

Is it really my blog if I don't post an artsy photo of me knitting while wearing my newest FO?

sweater weather

Lately I've been itching for new knitting projects. Because my ongoing projects are finished? Of course not. My seed stitch wrap is currently only 2 colors in and another WIP is still in its project bag, longing to be finished. But fall always has me yearning for a new knitting project (or 5). This is a yearly occurrence for me, the searching on Ravelry, the daydreaming of knitting something fabulous, of wearing it when it eventually gets cold. Often it doesn't get past that daydreaming phase. 

Usually my knitting day dreams are about shawls, wraps, scarves. This year, though, I've been bitten by a different bug altogether- the sweater bug. I have never desired to knit a sweater before. In fact, I used to scoff when people would ask me if I had ever made a sweater. But for some reason, this year I have been bitten by this sweater bug HARD. 

I doubt I'll get around to it in 2016, but I'm thinking it'll be a great 2017 goal. I'm also thinking I should start off with a baby sweater for a friend's babe so I can get the technique down. 


For the baby sweater I'm thinking this:


And now onto adult sweater ideas. I want something oversized and chunky. If a pattern says something crazy like "size 4 needles" I immediately nope right out of there. I don't have time for that madness. Size 7 and up, I say! That is my general knitting rule. I might consider a pattern if it calls for size 6 but for real size 7 (or even more for real, size 10, 13, or like 50 (yes, I have size 50 needles)) is where it's at. A friend recently asked if I wanted to join her in knitting this and I was 100% on board, but then I clicked over to the pattern and I saw the dreaded "size 3 needles" and I was just straight up like HELL TO THE NO I AM NOT KNITTING THAT. Just thinking about size 3 needles gives me arthritis. But I digress. Onto the sweaters! 

Relax. Even the name is good. 

Worsted Boxy. Worsted weight, YES. They understand me. 

And then here is some Pinterest inspiration:

Can't find original source. Sorry!!! Pinterest source.

This one is from an online store that sells only nude and neutral-colored clothing. MY DREAM. 

You can't see me, but I'm drooling over this one ahhhhh. 


So there you have it, my sweater dreams in picture form. Check back in 2017 to see if I've actually committed to this 🙃

weekend reading

Ahhhh, a September weekend. Those words alone sound perfect and right. I am so excited for fall to soon be here (but let's be real, here in Dallas that won't be for another month or longer!). I've got fall projects in mind. I've got a preeeeetty ambitious crafting to-do list to finish before the year is up. So let's look at some links and discover even more things we want to create!

Giant Arm Knit Bunny. I NEED this. Seriously. I don't arm knit, but maybe I can find someone to make it for me?

A Shawl for Fall. Clearly I'm not the only one with fall crafting feels! SPECIFICALLY THIS SHAWL *HEART EYES*

I bought this pattern this week and promptly added it to said ambitious crafting to-do list. I also stumble upon this cute little blog while looking up finished versions of the dress! Pretty convinced I will need to make a Nani Iro version of the dress now. 

I want this dress too!

This article makes a mean case for the chemise. And this one makes a mean case for the house dress

Yassss, Alicia Keys. Killing it without makeup

omgggg you guys. If you are in need of a salty treat, this is your recipe. It is SO GOOD. 

Well, that's all I've got! May your September weekend be full of crafting, salty treats, and happiness!

birthday weaving

My friend Sarah was celebrating her birthday recently so I thought I'd make her a cute little weaving for her. Her favorite colors are light/aqua blue buuuut I didn't have yarn that color so mint green it was! It took me about 2 hours total to make it and I watched counseling videos while I wove so I could count the time as work #genius

Aaaaand, the craftermath.

Happy birthday, Sarah!

weekend reading

Woohoo weekend! I've got lots of babysitting planned (like, A LOT) and I'm ending this weekend in the best possible way- having a Sunday crafternoon with some gal pals. I was much better this week about actually saving links so that I could share them here today! 

Last week I posted about Lisa Hannigan's new album. Well, after listening 500 times and reading every review and article about it, I learned that I needed to check out Luluc's album, Passerby, as it apparently has equally good vibes. I was not disappointed at all. It is so perfect. I haven't listened to anything else in the last 2 weeks besides At Swim and Passerby. The Luluc Pandora station is equally wonderful. As one reviewer wrote, "Luluc writes songs for late-night drives and uneventful mornings — stuff to slow the blood and the world outside." Yes. Perfect description.

I made this for dinner on Monday night. There is no better dinner for a Monday night, if you ask me. 

Also on Monday (and also last Saturday) I made these cookies. I might have also added mini chocolate chips. Do yourself a favor and bake half the batch and freeze the other half so that future you can benefit when you get a mad cookie craving. 

Post-Olympics depression. I knew this had to be a thing. 

New to me sewing blog! I love it!!! 

One of my friends loves plants just like I do and she's been tagging me in some hand-crafted cacti photos on Instagram...I'm thinking I might have to make this for her birthday this year. 

You guys. This picture. And this one

How Each MBTI Type Responds to Stress. I'm ESFJ and this was spot on. 


And finally, some cute wares to wear!

weaving wednesday!

It's been a while since I've done a Weaving Wednesday, so here we go! 

If you recall, one of my looms is from the fabulous Austin-based Purl&Loop. My little Stash Blaster is perfect for quick weavings and it's super portable! 

A couple of weeks ago Purl&Loop started sharing photos on Instagram detailing how to finish a weave without any fringe. This is something I've been trying to figure out for MONTHS. I've wanted to make some woven bracelets and necklaces but all the leftover warp was causing me ~problems~. 

Annoyingly, Purl&Loop was sharing photos only ONCE PER DAY. I just couldn't be patient. They told me that they had a video tutorial on their website! Hooray! I watched it and got straight to business. 

A friend had tagged me in an Instagram photo, knowing I have been wanting to do jewelry, so this photo was my inspiration:

You rock, @wovenhippy!

I warped up my loom and got to work...

why are tiny weavings SO CUTE?! 

It was all going swimmingly until the end...

Things got a little...bunchy. It didn't look terrible exactly, but it didn't look great, either. So I tried again on a bigger piece. I made this one while watching the Olympics so obviously it had to have a few strands of gold in it.

yeah, this is edited and filtered because it was on Instagram. 

Then came the tricky part of pulling on the warp threads juuuuust so. It took a while but it came out alright!

Look at those perfectly looped ends!

Now that I had successfully tried out the tutorial, I moved on to finally perfecting a bracelet and necklace!

bracelet in progress on my stash blaster

finished bracelet! 

And now for my proud finale. Necklace exactly how I envisioned!!!

the very beginning

"looks like a prehistoric preg test"- one of my friends
"is it a quarter cover?"- same friend

I proudly wore the little necklace to church the day after I finished it and got lots of compliments on it! I know what every girlfriend is getting for birthday/Christmas this year!

some sewing

Ok new look. I'm tired of adding spacers all the time and half of the time they somehow get linked together and then I get frustrated. SO. Away with the spacers!

Earlier this year, or possibly at the end of last year, Anna Rifle Bond and Cotton and Steel announced the most perfect collaboration in existence: Rifle Paper Company fabric for Cotton and Steel!!! It was to be called Les Fleurs which is the only appropriate name for such a fab collab. The countdown was on. 

The line was just released at the beginning of August so you know I bought some as soon as it hit my local fabric shop! I ended up exercising extreme self-restraint and bought just 2 fabrics. 

has a prettier selvedge existed? the answer is a definitive no!

This is one of those lines where you buy yardage and then hem and haw forever because it's too beautiful to cut up. So I knew what I had to do. Purl Bee Lap Duvet. Yes. 

hand-tied as I usually do with lap duvets!

Well there you have it, short and sweet. My friend Maria called it "floral granny cloud blankie" which is obviously the only appropriate description. I slept under it despite it being approximately one million degrees in Dallas and it was utter perfection! 

-Crib size wool batting
-Rosa Navy Les Fleurs
-Birch Periwinkle Les Fleurs

weekend reading


I've been reading a lot lately but haven't been very good about keeping track of what I've read #oops 🙈

So here's just a few things!

My most favorite musician ever has a new album out today. I was streaming it this week via NPR's First Listen and y'all....it's good. Like real good. Be sure to check out "We, the Drowned". 

The Olympics Buzzfeed page. Too important. 

21 Memes That Are Too Pure for This World. Perfect for a pick-me-up!

I want these napkins but I can totally just make my own. 


more on succulent propagation


I thought I'd write a little more about succulent propagation following Monday's post. Back in March, I co-hosted a dear friend's baby shower. As hostess gifts, she gave each of us a cute little plant. I got a succulent that was green and full of leaves and was looking pretty healthy. I was immediately a little worried because I haven't had the best track record with succulents! I have the tendency of overwatering them which is the worst possible thing you can do to a succulent. 

here's the succulent on the right and my little airplant next to it. 

proof of my overwatering tendencies- shriveled up leaves :( 

Not long after I got the plant, it just wasn't looking its best so I thought I'd move it outside to get a little more light. To my delight, it turned a gorgeous purple-y black color! But then I got worried. It started off so perfectly green. I started googling things like "succulent turned black" and all these horror stories of sunburnt succulents popped up. 

So I did what one does when one doesn't know what to do- I turned to Reddit. They were super helpful and told me that my plant was not sunburned, rather that I had been gifted an echeveria black knight and that it was actually supposed to be purple-y black! I felt like I had won the succulent lottery! 

my black knight! although I did some googling recently and came across the aeonium poldark and I'm wondering if that's actually what I have...

there's my black knight on the left and you can see my little propping leaves in-between the airplant and cactus. 

A couple of leaves fell off one day and I was just going to toss them out, but for some reason I kept them. Good thing I did because just a few weeks later I learned about propagating succulents from healthy leaves! And sure enough, my little leaves started sprouting roots and tiny leaves of their own! It's been a very, very long process, but I think I will get at least 1 new black knight out of it! 

tiny tiny sprouts starting

roots starting to come in! 

eeeek! tiny little leaves!

more leaves and roots!

big enough to get their own dirt and pot!

the one on the left is growing really well but the one on the right has slowed down a lot. 

black knight leaves propping alongside my new plant's leaves and rosette!

So there you have it, all sorts of propagation going on! It'll take a few days for my new plant's leaves and rosette to dry up and callous over on the ends and then I can move the rosette to dirt and let the leaves root a bit before moving them to dirt as well. Propagation is amazing!!


new succulents!


Yesterday I had lunch at one of my favorite little spots in Dallas, Corner Market. Right next door is Corner Market Flowers, where there is an assortment of cacti, succulents, and other plants. Their plants are always pretty healthy and displayed beautifully. Since I was there for lunch, I thought I'd pop next door and check out the succulents. I ended up coming home with 2 new ones! 

here's a photo of some of the succulents at corner market...I took this pic a few months back...if I knew then what I know now, I would've bought some of these! 

here you can see some little cacti next to the succys. 

I've been learning a lot about succulent propagation lately, so I went ahead and bought a plant that was probably going to just be tossed in the trash. It was so sad looking but the top of it and its stem were still quite healthy, so I told the girl at the cash register that I was going to try to bring it back to life. She was so happy and gave it to me for just $2! 

sad little succy- but lots of potential! 

top view. I loved the colors of the stem and top leaves and I can't wait to see how it looks when it's healthy again. 

As you can see in those photos, 2 of the leaves had fallen off because they were waterlogged. The ends of the leaves look great and I'm hoping to propagate them as well! 

this looks like it was a mistake, but it was intentional! 

I'm trying 3 different propagation methods with this plant- all the steps are outlined in this fabulous blog post

here is the stem in all her replanted glory. I'm hoping each of those little notches where leaves previously were will sprout a new baby. you can see her head in the background, which I am letting dry out a little before putting in her own pot. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I replanted this stemmy thing because the roots were so healthy! I was expecting them to be short and not looking good, but it was quite the opposite. 

The other succy baby was looking pretty good. She had one overwatered leaf but the rest of the plant was super healthy and I loved the colors, so I got her too. 

side view- the leaves point upward like that when they are getting enough sun :) 

replanted and looking gorgeous in her new home! 

Hopefully I will have succulent success and will be able to post some pretty update photos! 


weekend reading


This week has been long. On Tuesday I thought it was Friday. That's never a good sign. But here it is, Friday! I've got a crafty weekend planned this weekend and I am excited! 

On to the links!

I'm really lazy with reading books these days so I've run into the problem of starting a book and not finishing it before it's due date. I started Modern Lovers in book form and am now finishing it in audiobook form. Sometimes it takes multiple media to get it done! 

I want one of these scarves so bad!!! But they are all sold out! Not surprising considering how beautiful they are! 

I know what I'm asking for this Christmas. #nostalgia 

This article made me feel like I've been lied to my whole life. Probably cause I have been. You too. 

Headphones Everywhere. I do feel a certain serenity when I have my headphones on. 

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS THIS ONE IS SO FUNNY. I could not stop laughing when I read this one. It's so dumb and ridiculous.

Kombucharita Punch. Yes please.  

Y'all know my obsession with constellation things. So obviously I want these ear crawlers

Death Bear. Only in New York, I tell you. 

I love this caftan but I also feel like I could 1. easily make it and 2. that it would look ridiculous on me. It is #caftanseason, though. 

Well, there you go. Another week's links to entertain, delight, and ponder. xoxo. 


the tomatoes that took forever to ripen


At the beginning of this summer I went with my mom to one of her favorite gardening stores. I wanted to get some fruit, vegetable, and herb plants, so I picked up some strawberries, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and mint. 

They started off as tiny green things and have morphed in the last couple of months into giant plants. The strawberries aren't doing too hot and ants keep getting to the strawberries before I can, but the tomatoes are doing well. 

That is, until it's time for them to turn red. 

They just sit on the vine, fully grown, happily green and light yellow and light orangey-red. They are taunting me. So many tomatoes, ready to be eaten, if only they would turn red. And so, I wait. 


weekend reading


Links, links, links!

Last week was tragic here in Dallas. In the aftermath of the shooting, I have seen the city come together like never before, supporting one another and our amazing police department. I'm going to participate in #quiltsforpeace by sewing some heart blocks to make quilts for the victims' families. 

I loved this weaver interview on The Weaving Loom. I wanna make cool constellation weaves!

I always think hand knit washcloths sound super luxurious and of course Purl would have a beautiful new pattern and yarn for some. 

What 'xoxo' Really Means. Hilarious! 

I'm attempting to propagate my succulent using this tutorial. Wish me luck! 

Also in plants, I really want this cutie!

This article about hospice care was so touching and really good. 

6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working. Good advice here. 

Jennifer Aniston, telling it like it is! YES AND AMEN. 

And here are things I intended to read this week but never got around to (ha!):
A Better Kind of Happiness
Can Attachment Theory Explain All Our Relationships? 
One Year Out 
The House that Love Built  
Mother, Writer, Monster, Maid



weekend reading


Since I haven't blogged in a while I have quite a few things I want to share! 

Now that I'm into embossing, stamps are something I'm interested in. I found this cute tutorial and now I want to make all sorts of stamps! 

I have been anxiously awaiting an update on this reddit thread. There are some pretty gross suggestions. 

I bought groceries to make these crispy cauliflower tacos (but have yet to actually make them). 

Living Simply with a Flip Phone. Ah, yes, the flip phone. I have one for work and it is HILARIOUS. I could actually see myself using a flip phone regularly if it weren't for texting taking 500 years or the lack of Instagram.

Why am I just now finding out about the magical amazingness that is Chef's Table?! I saw an episode randomly at a friend's house and now I'm hooked. The cinematography is SO BEAUTIFUL and of course after every episode I am starving for a fancy 3 star meal.  

My sister showed this to me and I have been laughing about it for days. 

The inspiration in this blog post is real. 



Ok y'all, I love La Croix and I was into before it got trendy, OKAY. It's really popular now and here's why.

love love love this post from Joy the Baker. 

I find routines and habits so interesting, so this piece on President Obama's nightly routine was right up my alley. 

I've made this tea more than once since it's been posted and it is perfectly refreshing! I decided that it is a healthy version of Kool-Aid #sellingpoints 

Aaaaand some other links (mostly to empty out my "blog fodder" bookmarks, let's be real):
-I want this rug real bad. 
-I need to try this cute hairstyle
-Sorry, We Don't Take Obamacare. Ugh. I know this pain firsthand.
-I have been listening to a metric TON of Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop, mostly this song.
-Also have been listening to a lot of Marlon Williams
-And on love: Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person and also maybe just be nice to the person you love


embossing madness


Back in 2014, one of my best friends got married. Being the crafty person I am, I was asked to help out with some of the wedding decor and to do the envelopes. My friend wanted the envelopes to be embossed in gold and I was taken back to a memory of a Girl Scout activity. We stamped various designs onto cards and poured multicolored embossing powder onto the designs and watched as they magically turned to shiny pretty things when we ran the heat gun over them. The embossing for the wedding took quite a while and was tedious at times, but it reminded me how much I love it! 

Recently my Instagram feed has been full of embossing videos. Mainly calligraphers and hand letterers writing out various things and embossing them. This reignited my love for embossing and I had to get back into it. Luckily it was my birthday 2 weeks ago so I had some Paper Source gift cards. I also had an Amazon gift card from the e-book settlement, so I stocked up on paper, stamps, embossing powder, embossing pens, and a heat gun. 

Here are just a few of the things I've been embossing:

I've had this stamp since probably elementary school! I thought it was perfect for the 4th of July. 

I posted several videos of my various embossing adventures on Instagram, but Squarespace won't let me embed them :( Click on my Instagram link or icon to see more embossing fun! 

My embossing supplies:
Darice heat gun
Ranger embossing pens
Versamark stamp pad
Paper Source paper
Diamond stamp
Unicorn stamp
Cactus stamp
Champagne stamp
Piñata stamp
Flower border stamp
Silver embossing powder
Princess gold embossing powder


oh heyyy remember me?


Oops, no posts for over a month! Oh my! 

Let's see what I was up to...

I did some watercolor weaving:

I wove on my new Hockett loom (for those of you keeping track, that's 4 looms now):

I practiced soumak a lot using this video

I sewed a blanket for my friend's new baby boy! 

I made very slight progress on my seed stitch wrap

I went to camp! And on my break one day I took an obligatory coffee shop photo. 

I tended to some tomatoes. 

I wove some more (of course).

I celebrated my last day of being 26 under the strawberry moon.

And finally, I reignited my love for embossing. #embossallthethings 

Well, that was fun! 


recently in the sketchbook


Keeping a sketchbook is a concept that I have pretty much grown up with. Having done art classes for most of my life, the practice of having a sketchbook and drawing in it often was something that was sort of ingrained in me. I found it daunting to follow through, though. I loved the idea of keeping a sketchbook, but the pages were big and I was worried about making things look good. 

A couple of years ago I decided to take some of the pressure off of myself- nobody said I had to have a big sketchbook! So I purchased a small sketchbook, mod podged a cute collage on the cover, and suddenly, it was fun to have a sketchbook! It has been a great place for me to explore watercolors and lettering especially. It's just for fun, but I have had good ideas for final pieces come from my sketchbook and flipping through it is inspiring. I screenshot a lot of instagram photos, especially of color combinations I like and quotes to practice later. 

Here are some recent pages from my little sketchbook. I'm going to have to start another one soon! 

I'm super into moon phases right now. I've always been a fan of celestial stuff and it's starting to show through in my art! 

I want to make a large version of this to hang above my bed. 

One of my very favorite song lyrics- I practice writing this one often. 

My small sketchbook makes it a lot easier to tote it around with me, so I'll bring it with me various places, along with my travel watercolor set, and favorite brush


weekend reading


Cheers to the weekend! I have a lot of links this week- must be the warmer weather and my desire to drink cold things and do cool things. So let's just get right to it!

I think I'm going to have to get this kilim blanket. It is too perfect. 

Another home thing I want: kismet rug. My bestie just got this for her new townhouse and I have no shame about copying her gorgeous style. 

Next up, several recipes! I am obsessed with this avocado banana smoothie and I drink it nearly every day. It's refreshing and it feels super healthy. I have been fighting off the world's longest allergy attack (thanks a lot, Texas spring) and decided to give the old apple cider vinegar a try. I made it tasty with this switchel recipe. While babysitting the other day, I watched some trashy talk shows and knitted while the baby slept. I saw the hosts of some talk show make these eggs and I really want to try them! 

Crafty things! I have had a small constellation quilt kit from Haptic Lab for quite a while now but I have yet to get around to it...then this week I found out that they have a big version as well and I'm thinking I need to make it...eventually. Also in constellation news, I got this pin from Oh No Rachio this week and I adore it. I want to start a pin collection and this one was definitely a good first pin. I'm also IN LURVE with these petit point kits from We Are Knitters. It will be impossible to choose one! After getting my pretty watercolor painting last week, I now want a neon pink watercolor a la the flowers in the painting. I asked the artist what paint it was and she said it was Mission watercolor and I am assuming it was the "opera" color. Adding it to the wishlist! 

Now for some newsy-type things:
-Explaining feminism to bros
-Women's brains change when they become mothers- so cool!
-Top love languages for each MBTI category- ps I'm an ESFJ and my love language is correct! 
-This one is a tearjerker for sure: When do you give up on treating a child with cancer?
-YES to all of this. Let's stop it with the ridiculous "holidays". Please.
-Is staying in the new going out? I vote yes. Sometimes.